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This is but an indulgence of a whim

You make me wibble

3 May 1988
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Hi! My name is Denise, and I rarely post on Livejournal. However, I'm very friendly, (generally) grammatically correct, and I like to write, even if my writing doesn't always like me. I like new people, I like nice people, I'll probably like you! My mind is so open it's a wonder my brains haven't fallen out. Because I think one's favorite color tells something about one's personality, I shall now state that my favorite color is indeed purple. (In fact, most of my possessions, from my duvet to my toothbrush to the shirt I'm wearing right now are purple.)

I tend to be a bit jealous, anal-retentive and stubborn, but we can all just overlook those moments, right?

Friending Policy: I friend virtually anyone who can write an interesting post. I friend lots of people who can't really write an interesting post. If I've friended you and you have no idea who I am, or don't even share a couple of interests with me, don't panic! I just like your writing. :) Either that, or you're a BNF. Congratulations, regardless. I do not expect to be friended back, although it does fluff my ego a bit.

I Was There Till
The End - 30/6/98 - nocturne_alley
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